Is my UPC's battery bad, or is it the UPS? Here is the battery voltage

Hi guys and TIA for your help. I've got an out of warranty Belkin 1200VA uninterruptible power supply. It stopped holding a charge, meaning with it unplugged while items are plugged into it, the items have no power. A UPS should provide power to items plugged into it. Often, the solution is simply to replace the battery. But before I order a new battery, I want to make sure such will fix it.

So I used a digital multimeter to measure the output voltage on the battery. I set the multimeter voltage to 200. Touching the multimeter probes to the pos and net battery contacts, I get a readout of 26.8.

The Battery is a Ritar RT1250 and the label says "12V 5.0AH/20HR Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery. Constant Voltage Charge. Cycle Use 14.4-15V. Standby Use 13.6-13.8V. Initial Current less than 1.5A."

Is this battery good, meaning the UPS unit has gone bad? Or is the battery bad?

Leafgreen :hello:
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    It sounds to me like there might be a problem with the unit other than the battery. We had the same situation several days ago with our Back-UPS RS1500. When we measured the voltage we got 26.5 volts. We changed the battery anyway and found out the unit wouldn't boot. You have a problem with the battery pack would be less than 24V if the battery pack was bad.
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  3. Thank you! I ended up buying a replacement at
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