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Is my UPC's battery bad, or is it the UPS? Here is the battery voltage

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February 2, 2010 4:31:30 AM

Hi guys and TIA for your help. I've got an out of warranty Belkin 1200VA uninterruptible power supply. It stopped holding a charge, meaning with it unplugged while items are plugged into it, the items have no power. A UPS should provide power to items plugged into it. Often, the solution is simply to replace the battery. But before I order a new battery, I want to make sure such will fix it.

So I used a digital multimeter to measure the output voltage on the battery. I set the multimeter voltage to 200. Touching the multimeter probes to the pos and net battery contacts, I get a readout of 26.8.

The Battery is a Ritar RT1250 and the label says "12V 5.0AH/20HR Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery. Constant Voltage Charge. Cycle Use 14.4-15V. Standby Use 13.6-13.8V. Initial Current less than 1.5A."

Is this battery good, meaning the UPS unit has gone bad? Or is the battery bad?

Leafgreen :hello: 

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February 8, 2010 1:46:44 PM


It sounds to me like there might be a problem with the unit other than the battery. We had the same situation several days ago with our Back-UPS RS1500. When we measured the voltage we got 26.5 volts. We changed the battery anyway and found out the unit wouldn't boot. You have a problem with the battery pack would be less than 24V if the battery pack was bad.

February 12, 2010 5:15:01 AM

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