HELP with a old 5000 BE.....U NO U HAD 1

cpu hits 150F and turns off the hole computer with NO error message or BSOD...... computer will turn right back on and run fine for weeks aslong as i keep it under 40% load on the cpu

FIRST OFF IM NOT TRYING TO BE A DICK BUT IT CAN ONLY BE THE CPU AFTER THE STUFF IVE DONE..........went throw 3 PSUs, swapped both sticks of memory, swapped video cards, 3 harddrives, and last but not least a cpu change to a 7850(with the 7850 it can run at 100%load for hours and never goes over 115F)....the motherboard is the only thing i dont have 2 3 or 4 of to try... AFTER changing CPUs system is fine on everything...

all right ive had this cpu for 4 has run at 3.3 stable at 1.35volt for gaming for 2 years(at least 2000 hours of gaming at 75-100%load) and then as a server(weeks of 24/7) at 3ghz 1.29volt for 1 1/2 years.....

about 6 months ago the temps went up without that much dust on the fins. so i changed the thermal goop....not much change in temps.......then got a old zolemen 6 pipe cpu cooler and put it on ......close to normal temps(around 110f at 40%load)........ first off i watch my temps like a hawk!! i had a 2nd monitor on it when a gaming rig just for SPEED FAN and evga a server i have it on the main screen with the hdtv as the 2nd monitor.....rnormal temps are 85-105F for my normal uses as a server(never over 40% load) never over 120f at full load its hole life no matter how long it runs at 100%load...........with the same 40% load cpu is at 135 to 145f!!!!!...when it hits the old 150 mark.... off like a lite switch.........but as i sayed before under 40% and its on for weeks with no problems other then the high temps showing up in speed fan

so the real ???? the thermal sensor fryed and the chip is still good?!??!? could some thing on the motherboard be slowly going bad??? (dont know how when the 7850 works fine)

please help would love to put the 7850 back in its home and run the old girl for a couple of more years as a server.......sould i just put a cheap water cooler on it and see how long it lastes? some thing small like a corsair h50 or h60

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  1. Might be a bad thermal sensor if reapplying thermal paste/remounting the heatsink doesn't do any good. I would try to down clock the thing and lower the voltage, probably try it at 2.0Ghz and see if it is still running incredibly hot.
  2. Since it is out of warranty, you could remove the chip's heatspreader and replace the interior thermal paste, and run it without the heatspreader, directly touching the cooler. This is an extreme measure, but you look like you have exhausted conventional means.
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