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What is the best work station configuration for rendering and compositing in window based Maya 2010?
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  1. How to check the system configuration of the system.
  2. Are you asking from the pre-built workstations available from different manufacturers or are looking to assemble yourself..?? In either case, mentioning your budget and any other priorities regarding your PC will be helpful..
  3. I just wanted to know how to check config of an normal pc.
  4. ^Right click on my PC, and properties.
  5. If you want to know decently detailed specs, I've always liked SIW (if you're using Windows).
  6. i am using windows but i don't know what is SIW, can you please tell me about SIW in detail.
  7. I will go through the post and get back to you.
  8. Hey i have gone through the post but was not clear of what it was explaining, can you let me know what it was actually about.
  9. Are you asking what is SIW telling you? SIW is a utility that gives all sorts of specs that are found int Windows, but compiles them in a easy to ready format.

    I use it quite often to look up specs.
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