How to Overclock a Gateway Motherboard?

Hello, I am very tech savvy and my current CPU ain't just cutting it like it used to. Because my warranty has died of anyway, I want to overclock my CPU. It came in a Gateway computer and couldn't find anywhere in the BIOS to change core voltage and clock. It'd be great if there were some program that is like MSI Afterburner, but for the CPU.

CPU: AMD Althon x2 4200+ Idles at room temperature or less than room temp? (23C) Crazy, I know. Even under 100% load (using EVGA OC Scanner's CPU Burn tool), I never exceed 31C.
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 OC Idles at 33C
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  1. Have you tried AMD Overdrive? It is a free download from AMD. Not sure if it will work on a Gateway since oem's usually lock that stuff
  2. says I don't have an AMD chipset. Odd...
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