All-in-One (Literaly)-i7-5850 With Many Techincal Questions

Alright, so over three months of debating and I have come up with 2 choices for my i7/i5 all-in-one set. Ill start with the basics.

HOW I AM GOING TO USE THIS SYSTEM: Alright so I have come down 2 choices in my total build. I will put both in wishlists which i will link on the bottom. (Choosing wishlists because they are 2 completely different builds). (Cont. after wishlist links)


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: 1. Gaming 2. HTPC: Both are really important

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: PSU 750 Corsair, Monitor (1680x1050), TV (1920x1080), Dark Knight Cooler, Element S Coolermaster Case

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Amazon (Better deals then Newegg, free 2 day shipping, no tax)

PARTS PREFERENCES: intel i7 920, or i5 with HTPC



Build 1 i5-Acer Revo

This is an i5. Its pretty straight forward. Acer Revo for XBMC and a seperate computer for gaming.

Build 2 i7 All-In-One

Now this build is a very awkward build, but it may actually be able to work. Using the ATLONA Powerless HDMI Extender, I will attach my computer to both my TV and my monitor. I will make my TV act as a separate monitor. Thus I will have one computer to manage both HTPC and Gaming. Also I am very interested in getting a Gamepad and playing single player games will high quality on my TV. Now comes the hard questions.

1. Will I be able to send audio through my HDMI port on the graphics card, as well as, control which programs gives sounds to which applications? My main PC will have USB headset. (With Build 2)

2. Will I still be able to run games on high with the 5850 and have either XBMC, or Media Center with Cable card(For the future), running and playing 1080p content as I am playing my game on high? (With Build 2)

3. The first build has no real upgradability in terms of graphics processing, as it will bottleneck dual graphics GPUs, which is my next upgrade after the cable card. (This is just a statement not really a question)

4. Is Media Center GPU accelerated?

5. Will the Acer Revo be able to run Media Center, and work well with an external cable card reader?

6. Should I just got for i5-Acer Revo combo and still get the ATLONA Powerless HDMI Extender to play games using the gamepad?

7. How difficult, time consuming, and reliable would it be to have basically two seperate audio stations, one for my TV and the other for my Headset? (With Build 2)

8. Is i7 lga 1366 socket needed for the type of task I'm doing, or can I get away with i5 and ATLONA Powerless HDMI Extender and no acer revo? (I'm only choosing i7 because of the more memory bandwidth and high processing power for simultaneous TV and High gaming, the upgradability is just a bonus)

9. Thank you for reading this, and I'm really interested in what you guys have to say.

P.S. My computer IQ is pretty high. I can teach my self basic things within a day or 2, so when looking at this don't worry about me not being able to configure it. I also do my own tech support, so it doesn't really matter how good tech support is for the products I bought.
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