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I just installed a 9800GT but when I powered up the monitor was not receiving a signal. I took out the 9800GT and put my old 7950GT back in. Same thing. I can hear the HDs power up and everything else powers on, including either video card but the monitor still receives no signal. I plugged the monitor into my laptop and the monitor worked just fine. I'm flummoxed. I believe the computer is not posting but I can't remember if it ever made a beep to let me know that it had. I'm guessing it isn't posting but no 100% sure. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Here are a few things I already tried.

I checked all the power connectors to make sure they were all tightly plugged in.
I removed the Cmos battery for a few minutes.
I removed the video card and tried booting but still no beep (not sure it had one to begin with).
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    Make sure you plugged in the 4/8 pin CPU power.
  2. Well I am stupid and didn't have the 4 pin plugged in. I did that now, however this didn't fix the problem. I did notice my "Dbracket" (4 LED lights that let me know potential problems with booting) had the two bottom LEDs red. According to the user manual it means:
    "Decompressing BIOS image to RAM for fast booting "

    However it just sits there and never goes any further. It should eventually turn all green.

    I have a MSI p6n platinum mobo.
  3. Use the delete key to get into the BIOS. Make sure your type of keyboard is enabled (usb or PS2).
  4. Never mind. I have diagnosed the problem. The problem is I am an idiot. After plugging the 4 pin power back in I removed the CMOS battery for 5 minutes and now both video cards work fine and the computer boots fine.
  5. Thanks for your help though with reminding me to plug the CPU power in. :)
  6. It's a common mistake. You're welcome.
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