My MOBO not detecting S-ATA DVD ROM

Hi. This will be my first thread as a newbie :kaola:

Ok so my problem is that my BIOS does not detect my DVD Drive which is a SATA (cd/dvd reader/writer).

1) the model of this DVD drive is: Hitachi/LG GH40L 16x DVD±RW DL SATA Drive w/LightScribe (Black)

2) My mobo is: ASrock A785GXH/128M. (which i think its my mobo is not the problem since my BIOS reads my samsung 500gb SATA)

What I'm trying to do here is boot up with the DVD Drive so that I can install my OS.

I currently have Windows XP Pro installed but definitely not genuine since I get an error when I try to install SP2.

..Trying to install Win 7 Ultimate x64 bit!

Please help! Thank you so much. This site has been helpful so far as of my growing knowledge in computers. (? does that make sense) :hello:
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  1. edit: that windows xp pro i got was when i didn't know about computers. i was 13 and thought it was the real deal! :(

    edit: found the edit button! o yah forgot to mentino...i basically got scammed!
  2. someone help please :)
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