Zotac 9800GT Eco help..

Hi guys

I recently purchased a 9800GT but the eco one as it draws power straight from the motherboard...

I like gaming but my budget pc is as follows:

AMD AM2+ 5000 mobo
2gb RAM 800Mhz
580 Xpower Psu

Zotac 9800GT Eco 512mb
Core 550Mhz
Memory Clock 1800Mhz
112 processor cores

but cannot play games as sometimes it stutters like at regular 30 sec intervals.. (medium - high settings)

Clean formatted...and ran only games... to no avail..

any suggestions plz??
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  1. A lot of people have reported problems with these cards so you are not alone. The psu seams to be one of those junk brands so that may be part or the whole problem.
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