Nvidia and ati together on one motherboard ??

hey guys :hello: out there i have heard that many people have an nvidia geforce card and and ati hd radeon card installed in their system it possible ???? :o :o
does it cause trouble.......
wat are its benefits ???
any adverse or bad effects???
please reply.................

:bounce: (planning on buying a ati 5770 .... then can i add a nvidia physX ??? or with the 5770 can i add any other card from nvidia or ati ??? ) :bounce:

please dont wrry about power supply and availability of pcie 2.0 x 16 slots....both are present.... :D :D
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  1. All info can be found here.
  2. man that could have been done...but i suppose there are much more expert people out here than the whole globalized world...........wanted to know and confirm my doubt from the localised masters of computers found in tomshardware
  3. As that page shows, that question has been asked and answered many times before on this forum.
  4. i am having a hard tym...and really need ur simple words can u plzz tell me if it wil be ok or not ???
    bcoz i searched 5 whole pages and didnt get any thing in the forum...and the answers that i am getting by google isnt satisfying me.....plzzz help out !!!
  5. people ??
  6. Best answer
    You can run an ati card and an nvidia card on the same PC. Here is what happens though, you do not get any kind of sli cross fire bonus form this. What you get is the ability to display across multiple monitors. There is absolutely no preformance to be had form doing this.
    My workstation has an nvidia 8400 and an ati 4670. The reasoning is that i need three monitors for my job and one card will not display to three monitors (my work is not going to be buying ati 5xxx cards any time soon). My computer came with the 4670 and we had bought a bunch of 8400s because they were on sale.

    So in short yes you can have an ATI card and an Nvidia card in the same box, but for gamming, home, or any kind of serious graphical application this is a complete waste as the cards do not interact with each other, they just allow you to connect more monitors.
  7. Also if you want to do SLI/CrossFire you must get the same card as your first card for this to work. So if you have an 8800GT you must pair it with an 8800GT, an 8800GTS will not work in SLI with the GT. ATI cards are a little more forgiving here where a 5770 can be paired with a 5770 or 5750. Ati cards must be ABXX matched with ABXX, where X does not have to equal X but A must equal A and B must equal B. The downside here is that the lower card will usually determine the speed and slow the faster card to match it, so you are better off getting the exact same card.
  8. You can run both cards in the same PC. The issue is drivers: you need two seperate display drivers installed at one time, which can cause some problems. Note: Vista will not allow two seperate drivers installed at the same time, although 7 fixes that issue...
  9. nice thnks
  10. this article talks about about using a second card for that purpose. and does mention that xp and win7 can use an ati card for main and nvidia for PhysX.,2465-11.html
  11. Mousemonkey said:
    All info can be found here.

    That is a beautiful link.

    Also, ironically, this thread is the first result on that Google search.
  12. yes man....this is true...didnt think it will become the first result to be found in google.....feeling quiet.................... :P :P

    thnks for all the posts and reply(s) people !!!!
  13. Better to get one hd 5870 eyefinity 6 edition, Runs 6 monitors
  14. shazzalol said:
    Better to get one hd 5870 eyefinity 6 edition, Runs 6 monitors

    Hah and the price also..

    I'm in the mindset of buying a 5000 series ati card, but with all those displayport issues I may be better off using my 9800GT plus a low-end ati for the rest monitors. Problem is I don't have HDMI this way.. Having to use a converter is not my style :(
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