First New Build in 4 years What u think?

Well to make this short and sweet as my first post I have gathered my parts 4 a new general purpose
budget computer :D . Basicly will be used for internet and some gaming and of course my girlfriends myspace :pfff: . I dont need a highend setup
just a middle of road that will last 4 a bit. The link is below thanks 4 any advice on improvement or
changes for this setup!!!
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  1. Damn i just posted a same config a few mins ago lol
  2. shopping card is empty...
  3. Yea she still uses myspace even hours on end. Ive read that the phenom II 720 is a good chip cant decide on the 2?
  4. daggs said:
    shopping card is empty...

    ^+1... shopping cart was empty for me as well... I guess we don't get to play!! :cry: :D
  5. the amd 425 also good
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