Problem with my wifi router

I have LINKSYS WAG54G2 Wireless ADSL2+ Gateway.
i connect the pcs through wires not through wifi.
i only use my wifi for mobiles communications.
the problem is sometimes u cant find the network and a message is displayed on all the mobiles which is "no wlan found" even if the mobile is 1m away from the router and am sure the problem is not with the mobiles but its with the router.
i'd like to state that i have a wireless panasonic phone and its placed near the router.
thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. By any chance does the wireless router seem to fail more often when the phone is in use?

    Many cordless phones use the same 2.4GHz freq as your wireless router, and therefore will create interference when in use. Sometimes changing channels on the wireless router helps (or maybe the phone offers another channel option). Other times you may need to consider a cordless phone that uses another freq (e.g., 5.8GHz) or even a wireless router w/ a different freq (e.g., 5GHz).

    Of course the phone might not be a problem at all, but you did mention it.
  2. First of all ,thanks eibgrad for tryin to help and i really appreciate it.
    I did mention it cause i know about the interference thing but i dont think thats the problem cause i removed the wireless phone for like 24 hours and the problem happened while the wireless phone was unplugged so i think the problem is with the router itself.
    Any help is appreciated guys.
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