Input Needed on 8800 GTS in SLI

Hi All,

I've been out of the building game for quite some time and i'm trying to get my stuff straight before i make a commitment. Any input is greatly appreciated.

I'm starting a new build which most likely will include running an i7 920 cpu and a yet undetermined mobo. Long story short, i have a younger brother who was a professional gamer for quite a few years and during that span he's collected an assortment of parts that i will utilize.

So i have one brand new 512mb 8800GTS laying here. My intial thought was to just purchase a 2nd one and run them in SLI. With DX11 now and the new wave of games that are sure to be on the horizon in the next year would i be better off just waiting to find a Radeon 5850 when more become available and then adding a 2nd one down the line when its necessary?

What i'm trying to figure out is if i'm handicapping myself in todays gaming market. My gaming consists of games like WOW/WAR/L4D/CS:S

I'll be running both cards utilizing a BFG Tech 800w psu.

Thank you.
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  1. It can pull its weight fairly well but the 512mb v-ram holds it back but since the 5850 is so hard to find you might as well get another gts if your board can use sli.
  2. Well my intention is to buy a mobo that supports both SLI/Crossfire so i could freely go either direction.

    I think i should also mention (not sure if its applicable) that i run dual 22" monitors with a 1600x1200 resolution. I don't necessarily game in this resolution but i'd surely like to.
  3. Get another GTS and SLI, DX11 games won't be out till next year... The games you play will run fine with single or dual 8800GTS. No point in gettin an ATI card if you already have a 8800GTS.
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