I'm a computer science major and working on a project for college. The short of it - I've chosen to "build" (on paper only) an NAS RAID 5 for a case scenerio and am looking for any input on my progress.
My hardware list is at and is titled Case Black
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  1. I apologize for the break in my thread here --
    Not sure why my list is not posted yet, if you'd like I'll email it... just message me

    My case scenerio is:
    A seed company with a national catalog has data storage on their server, but has concerns about storage. They are looking to purchase a machine for dedicated storage of inventory, order, shipping, and customer information. This machine will be networked but its only function will be data storage. It will not need to be a server. Their server currently has a 200GB HD running 5-10% free space. There are 15 users who access the server and who are storing their data there. The concern is speed of retrieval (so processors and RAM are important). You need to consider backups and disaster recovery planning. In this case you are in a competitive bid against at least two other firms. The company will purchase from the vendor who gives the most "bang for the buck". Your justifications are most important to convince the buyers to choose you.
  2. Just a couple quick thoughts, the motherboard is 10/100 LAN, could you not find anything at that price point with 10/100/1000? Limiting your throughput can't possibly be worth the difference and your competitors will surely use that against you.

    Second, the PSU looks grossly over watt for this setup. I can't imagine this using 100W at peak so you could look at a much smaller certified psu if not pico psu for power savings. This would double as a selling point being green and cheaper on the electricity bill over time.
  3. Thank you so much for the invaluable tips! I will get these changed up. The project is due next Monday and my GPA is 3.86 so I am really wanting to keep my A in this class!

    I totally overlooked the limit on the LAN -- NOT GOOD :non:

    Never considered the Green option - honestly was thinking a larger PSU would run much cooler and help to prolong the life of the system. Thanks for the other view as I have zero real life experience with this!
  4. I changed my document to reflect a new PSU & Mobo, also had to add a Male to 3 female sata power cord.
  5. Glad I could help with my own limited knowledge :) I'm hoping to build my first NAS soon and its great to see the angle others take to tackle this task.
  6. Have you thought about using an atom instead?

    Case with 80W PSU

    750GB 2.5" HDD x2

    2GB RAM x2

    Atom ITX Motherboard

    16GB USB 3.0 Drive

    Total: $502

    I recommend this build because:
    1) Energy usage: Energy Star 5.0 Certified PSU, 80W is more than ample to power this system from idle to full load, the $45 premium is definitely worth it for the energy savings over the course of one year
    2) You can run the OS from the USB drive
    3) I've noticed more people are afraid of Hitachi drives than any other brand, hence the Seagates
    4) On board raid, no reason to have an extra raid card sucking up juice
    5) Small and compact, easy to hide away or move
    6) All the cables come with motherboard
    7) The atom is more than plenty capable of running everything you need to on a server, just don't try to watch HD movies or encode multimedia on it

    I would recommend running Ubuntu Server with Samba off of the USB 3.0, I have the same flash drive and it's super fast
  7. Use FreeNAS or Openfiler
    It offers SMB, NSF, APT, FTP, RSYNC... and other services
    Great for network storage
    Use RAID1 - for data redundancy
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