Diamond ATI TV Wonder HD 650 PCIe install problem - No boot

Hoping the forum can help where Diamond MM customer support has failed...

I am installing a Diamond ATI 650HD PCIe in my HP e9220f (AMD Phenom II x4 w/ Asus motherboard, 8G mem and ATI 4350 graphic card). After installing and booting, I see the bios splash screen and then my PC freezes. I never get as far as the Windows 7 splash screen and I can not actually enter the bios setup. My monitor is either black or has the top 25% of the screen with a scrambled (similar to horizontal sync issue) image. This is the 2nd card that I am trying and both exhibit the same behavior. I have tried every x1 slot that I have available as well as removing the ATI graphics card (for possible conflict). Same behavior.

Diamond custome rsupport suggested that there may be an IRQ conflict and that I should change out the PCIe unit for a USB based one. Nice.
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  1. Return that hardware if possible. ATI HDTV cards have hardware and software issues with Windows Vista and Media Center. I won't be surprise if the same is true with Windows-7. All of the issues are on ATI forums without specific or definitive solution.

    Use hauppage 2250. Its the best among HDTV tuner to date. I had it for over a year. I tested different HDTV for PC including ATI650.
  2. I have done exactly that... returned to sender... Thanks.
  3. I've got the same problem on a Dell computer running Windows XP. Worse yet, I still get the blank screen even AFTER I removed the ATI card. The card has crashed my motherboard. What a piece of crap.
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    I had the same problem installing a Hauppage 2250 card in my e9220f but if I replaced the wifi pcie card with the tuner card it worked fine.
    but if I put the pcie port inn the 1st or 2nd slot the sam thing happened with or without the card installed.
    Conclusion anything plugged into the first or second slot will cause the same problem.
    Only the 3rd port where the wifi card is pre-installed seems to work
    HP kept saying it was a compatiblity issue until I reiterated nover and over that the pre-installed card should not be a compitibility issue and the card workd fine if the
    After hours and hours of tech support they finally said the mother board probably needs to be replaced.
  5. I have an ATI TV Wonder 650 PCI and I am trying to install it on my EVGA X58 with Win7. I install the card and the bios goes through all the checks, but right before the Win7 splash screen everything reboots. This cycle continues indefinitely until I remove the card, after which everything works fine and dandy. The only other card installed is a large ATI graphics card (which covers my PCI-express slot...). Is this an IRQ problem or is it more likely a hardware problem with the new tv tuner card (I bought it on woot :pt1cable: ). Thanks for the help in advance.
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