Why is my harddrive overheating?

I have installed and run SpeedFan to monitor temperatures in my computer. My Laptop is a Compaq Evo N610c, which I have read on various forums has overheating issues commonplace. Unfortunately there seems to be no configurations available for download for this specific model, and so I cannot see or change the fan speed.
SpeedFan Report: HD0: 73C, Temp 1: 84C, Temp 2: 45C, Temp 3: 16C.
From what I've read, harddrives should be running typically around 40C, max 60C.
73C must be right because I could cook an egg on my laptop. It's too hot to touch for a long period.

But what I cannot determine from web searches is why. Why could my harddrive be getting so hot?

Thanks in advance
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  1. The 2 hdd's in my laptop run at 40c under stress, so sounds like bad ventilation, check that the exhaust area isn't clogged up, blow some compressed air down them, or if you have big lungs, use your mouth.

    If you can get at the fan, clean it, if you can remove cpu heatsink, clean off gunk with isopropyl alcohol, leave it 5 minutes for excess to evaporate and apply a very small amount of good quality thermal paste.
  2. If you work at a desk a lot, buy a Laptop cooling pad to go under the computer and cool it. I have to do that for my laptop as its 7200RPM HDD is too hot for the space they put it in.
  3. I just cleaned the laptop. Now check out the temperatures!

    HD0: 51C, Temp 1: 66C, Temp 2: 45C, Temp 3: 16C.

    Stil running too hot, but a damn site better

    I was amazed at how dirty it was inside. Looked like the kind of junk you pull out of a vacuum cleaner. THe vent was completely blocked.

    I'm still having issues, and don't know if it's heat related, but this is a definite improvement

    Side note: Most people suggest buying compressed air in a can, and being ultra careful etc etc. I guess if you're not an engineer like me, and really care about your machine i.e. you don't risk taking things apart then do NOT follow this advice.

    but I crudely used whatever screwdrivers i had lying around. I cleaned the entire thing inside and out using the tiniest amount of dish soap on a slightly damp sponge, and either towelled, or air dried it all afterwards.

    To remove dirt on the motherboard, and in the fan I used an old toothbrush. And I blasted every bit of the laptop wth a mains powered industrial looking airblower. Very powerful.

    No problems whatsoever. I guess it depends how careful you are, but this worked for me

    Thanks for all the suggestions
  4. That looks about right for a laptop. They do run hot, which is why I use my desktop whenever I can. What issues is it still having?
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