During the last boot_up your system hung for improper frequency combination your

During the last boot_up your system hung for improper freguency combination. the system is Working in safe mode. to optimize the system performance and reliability, make sure the freguency combination conforms to the specification of your CPU, DIMM and other connected devices. now every time i try to change it & save it. it will turn off & doesn't come back again.. i don't know what the problem & what is the Cpu External Freguency for it there is so many # plz help me fix it.
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  1. plz help
  2. Get into bios and use the set default option, that will put your machine back into a normal working state, if a little unoptimized.

    If that doesn't work, pull the mains and remove the cmos battery for 5 minutes, that should cause the motherboard to loose any settings and give you the chance to save a clean cmos setup.
  3. Here's the proper way to do what he said.

    1. Unplug your PC.
    2. Remove CMOS Battery.
    3. Hold down the power button for like 5 seconds, release, repeat.
    4. Install the CMOS Battery.
    5. Plug it back in.
    6. Start your PC.

    Proper way.

    Source: College Professor, DeVry University
  4. Also if you like, you can short the pins the CMOS battery connects to when all power is unplugged. This will cause all power to be removed.

  5. It worked?
  6. It worked?
  7. It worked?
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