New CPU/MOBO/Mem - Trouble Installing MOBO Drivers

I'm using my old (SATA) HDDs & (IDE) CD/DVD Drive and NVIDA GT 8600 and 600 Watt PS in a new system in an attempt to save some $$. I'm running WinXP SP3. New AMD Phenom II X4 P955 on a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P w/ 4GB (2X2GB) DDR3 1333 PC3 10666. Boots fine, but crashes with a quick BSOD and restarts shortly after the initial black Windows splashscreen. I figure it needs the MOBO Drivers from the Driver DVD installed to work properly. It will go into Windows Safe Mode (which is creepingly slow), where I can see - and open - my HDDs, as well as see my CD/DVD Drive. Trouble is, when I click on my CD/DVD Drive under My Computer, I get this error message: "Open Device Failure" a couple of times, followed by a couple of "Open driver handle failure!!" Error messages. When I try Windows Explorer, I can see all the subdirectories & files on the CD, but when I open the "Run.exe" file, I get the same Open Device Failure!! and an Internet Explorer Script Error (Object doesn't support this property or method. File:///E:/UI.js. Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?). I choose Yes and the GIGABYTE AMD UD3 7-Series Utility DVD 2.2 B9.0918.1 splash screen seems stuck in "Now Loading. Please wait." Clicking any other tabs on this screen brings up a series of vertical lines - leading me to believe it's just not working.

I tried installing some of the drivers (chipset, SB, RealTek HD Sound, etc.) from the DVD; some seemed to work, others ran into javascript errors and such. Reboots showed no change. No POST Beep (case didn't have a speaker, and the little guy I purchased isn't making a peep), no sounds from the speakers. USB peripherals seem to be working fine. Perhaps I need a new CD/DVD? It seemed to be working fine in the old system just hours ago.

Any Thoughts? Thanx!
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  1. Did you take your harddrive out of your old system and plug it in to the new system 'as-is'? If so, you probably need to reinstall the OS on that drive while it's in your new system.

    Check out this thread for some options:
  2. If you change motherboards you basically always have to re-install the operating system. As you have seen, dropping in a drive with a loaded OS and trying to fiddle with drivers basically doesnt work.
  3. HD should be formatted and OS installed anew.
  4. +1 to what everyone has said.

    Basically any time you replace a motherboard, you need to wipe the hard drive. Otherwise you'll just churn around in device conflict hell with no good way to fix it.
  5. Thanks,

    Win 7 clean install fixed it all. Good excuse for the upgrade!
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