Windows not able to format my RAID 0 drive

Hi, I'm trying to format a RAID 0 array in windows 7 Pro and I keep getting an error message saying that "the format did not complete successfully." I'm not trying to install windows on this RAID drive by the way.

I'm using two WD 1002 FAEX 1 TB hard drives and my motherboard is the ASUS P6X58D-E. I set up the SATA ports to RAID in the BIOS and selected these two drives for a RAID 0 array. I then went into windows and found the drive in the windows disk management utility as a single 1863 GB drive. I right click it and choose format using the default NTFS settings, but get the above error message.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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  1. OK so using the Intel Matrix storage console I can see the RAID drive and it claims that I'm missing a hard drive, even though in the BIOS it says that both RAID drives are present. And windows must be seeing both drives somehow because it's saying that I have a single 1863 GB drive when I'm trying to format it, not just a 1 TB drive.
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