Failed boot up, to normal continuously?

I have a rig I put to gether back in December followed with an overclock about 2 months ago of 4.5Ghz

THe Specs are such

CPU: I5 2500k
Heatsink: CM Hyper 212 +
GPU:Evga GTX 580 3GB
Mobo: Asus P8p67 Pro
Boot Drive:Intel 320 series 120GB SSD
Secondary Drive: OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD
PSU: Corsair AX1200

This rig was running fine until recently replaced the fan on the 212 (rattling terrible) with a Stealth Ball bearing fan Which I believe has a max rpm of 1700. Idk if the fan is the culprit as much as the recent heat wave lately (air has been out for days at my apartment, probably at least 85-90 inside at one point).

One day my room mate went to start up my PC to be greeted with a message of a failed OC. Didnt think too bad of it until the other day my PC would not boot initially. Started up, but before the BIOS command screen (press delete to enter) it went to shut itself off only to start up within a second or two later on its own (did not press power button).

Today I went into the BIOS after the new fan I just bought began to rattle (damnit man) and see what fan speeds were etc. Idle on CPU fan was 1436 rpm on the screen (seems high maybe?). My dumbass went into the Advanced settings and preceded to cut on the MOBOs OC Tuner which changed my mulipler from 45 to 42.

Right now on Core Temp I show while typing this with no other windows up

Frequincy: 1648.1

Core 0: 32 avg 4-6% load
Core 1: 30 avg 22% load
Core 2: 31 avg 6% load
Core 3: 33 avg 5% load

I realize that paranoia may be all that I'm really having right now but the weird boot up stutter concerns me.

Is there anyway to remedy this situation or should I just redo all the steps to over clocking it back to 45? Apologies for the lengthy explanation but just wanted to cover all I could muster intelligablly at least haha.

Thank you for any replies
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  1. does you system have a good air flow and i will restart oc from default settting until it boot correctly
  2. Yes it has rather good airflow

    Forgot to mention the case is a CM HAF 922 Mid tower. Including the Heatsink fan & PSU there is 5 fans and the GPU has its own of course. A from scratch Overclock seems to be my best option for safe measures.

    Would a bad contact between the Heatsink & CPU cause this as well? I have some more Artic Silver left over......Just a b!^(# to get that cooler off and on in case. Whatever has to be done though I will do without hesitation.
  3. That weird, start up stutter is normal with Gigabyte boards.

    Your system tries to boot. The BIOS detects a problem with the BIOS settings; it looks for a bootable setting. Then it forces a reboot with the new settings.

    That tells you that the system does not like something about the original BIOS settings.

    Take the overclock back a bit and set the memory speed to DDR3-1333 and see what happens.
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