What\'s wrong with this:my 3.1ghz is running at 3.3 1.35v bus is 220 x15 temp is

why is my temp so low core cputin, I am running an asorck 880gm-le amd x3 445 unlock to a phenom x4 be45, wd320 2x2 kingston ddr3 1333, 1:2 ratio, sapphire 5670 gddr5 1gb and cm212evo single fan w/antec paste in a cm usp100 4fan config
My temps were about 3 to 5 degrees c higher on prime 95. My real question is with this overclock fm 3.1 to 3.3 should my temp be higher than 28c this is the same temp I get at 3.1 all verified by coretemp hwm monitor and cpuz.
any info or recommendations would be appreciated
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  1. What are the temperatures under load?
  2. temp under prime95 are core 47 cputin 53c
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