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I have created several shortcut icons on the desk top of a computer on a networked system at work. The icons are mapped to Excel applications an a separate named drive on a separate server. The shortcuts work fine for several days and then suddenly stop working and when I check, they are mapped (location) to the desk top of the machine in question rather than the drive that I originally created them from (Rt click>send to>desk top (Create shortcut)). I have repeated the creation of these shortcuts several times now and it keeps happening. This same set up is working perfectly on every other machine in the network and I have not seen this problem before in the 3 years that I have been maintaining this system. This machine has been working fine for 2 years in another physical location and was recently moved downstairs ... but all other functions are fine. I have set up the machine to not sleep or hibernate ... I have pretty un-tech savvy guys using this machine and I really need these shortcuts to work or work stops. Any ideas?
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  1. If the shortcut fails to work (server not available, user account not working, whatever), it will ask you to find the location. Will spin for a while, and whoever is there will probably select whatever the find location wizard ends up in. Which looks to be the desktop.

    Create the shortcut and remove all rights except read and execute for the accounts used. That will prevent anyone from changing them.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I am quite sure no one is changing these locations. For one thing there is no error message displayed when this happens and no prompt .... they simply do nothing. For another thing these guys are working in a finish shop and using this computer to enter formulas for paints & stains ... they simply drop the mouse and run away (to me) when anything goes awry. Thanks for the ideas though.
  3. The only time this can happen if someone changes the shortcut, the most logical way that it will point to the desktop is if the location is not reachable and it tells you to browse for a new location. That message defaults to the Desktop.

    You see the issue after it happens, but someone before you get this and selects the desktop, then you get called. Either that or someone is deleting your shortcuts and is creating new ones manually.

    Try this. Move another computer that you know works fine in another area to this one. See what happens. Changing the rights on the shortcut will also prevent any changes, but won't help you track down why or who is changing this.
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