SSD Boot drive + 2TB HDD storage. How should i perform backup?

Hi, my friend has an small M4 Crucial Boot drive with a couple of other apps on, and a 2TB WD Green HDD for main storage. Since i was the one that built it for him, he has asked me how he is meant to backup both discs effectively, and i don't actually know... :(

So, how do i do this effectively?

Thanks in advance for any replies
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  1. Backups should be done to an external drive connected to the computer via USB (or eSATA). Then store this external drive at a different location.

    Win 7 has a good backup utility.

    Another good free backup is "EASEUS TODO BACKUP" - download it and use it.
  2. Haha, i didnt need the pure basics of plugging in an external drive. But thanks anyway, will check out that backup utility.
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