Offset Voltage Overclocking, How to?

Right now I am really trying to make my 2600k hit 4.8ghz and so far no sucess :( Well at least with fixed voltage It doesn't get stable until 1.45v which is VERY high. I heard overclocking with offset can be better though, as voltages are lowered? Is there a guide to this? I currently an using 4ryan6's guide and everything is the same, except core current limit is 200.
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  1. I'm going to follow this topic, since I too need to figure out the proper usage of the offset. Best I've got was 4.7 @ 1.38(fixed)
  2. Quote:
    I'm going to follow this topic

    Me too. With my board (P8Z68-V LE) I don't even have the option to set a manual Vcore in the BIOS, so all I have to work with is offsets. I've messed around with it a bit and had some decent results (working with the - (minus) offset mostly), but I would definitely like to see how other people are doing with offsets.
  3. Some people got 4.8/4.9ghz on 2500k with Offset +0.050V..short/long 200/230, core current limit 200. Not sure if this will work for u
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