2nd SATA drive detected in BIOS but NOT in Windows Disk Management

hey i had my pc running 3 hdd where 2 sata and 1 ide

both seagate sata drives 160gb and 500gb ide 40gb

all worked well for two yrs

suddenly 500gb not recognised by windows but bios detects it

i tried to even load windows in that hdd but even the boot disk did not detect it

and inspite of not detecting wen ever i connect 500gb hdd the boot becomes dead slow

so gave it to seagate and got a new one under warrenty

now the new drive also worked for more than one year and now its not detecting

i tried all ways to connect it changing ports
loading os again

nothin works
but bios detects it win7 does not

any idea???
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  1. And it is allocated/partitioned in disk management under administrative tools or does not show up there?
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