Phenom X4 vs. my X2 6400+

I have an AMD Athlon X2 6400+ @3.2 GHz would upgrading to
make a huge difference?


2 cores at 3.2GHz
4 cores at 2.4GHz
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  1. What do you do with your computer? If you render in 3ds max, or use some other quad threaded software than yes it'll make a big difference. If your talking about just games, than no, you'll probably see a decrease in frame rates in a number of titles. Phenom is faster clock for clock than the old Athlons are, and some games do use more than 2 cores, but in most cases it won't make up for that great of a difference in clock speed.

    Besides why get a Phenom I? The Athlon II X4 is in the same price range, has higher clocks, much lower power consumption/heat output, and superior overclocking capabilities.
  2. I didnt want to have to upgrade the MOBO, but I will prolly just stick with my dandy x2.
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