New Alienware area51. To buy or not to buy

hey im in the same boat as you right now, im in love the the new alienware area51 case, and im thinking about buying it, $2101 cad plus taxes and shipping is free
i need some opinion on this please.

I currently have:-

The Nvidia Edition CM Stacker 830 Evolution case
evga 790i ultra mobo
evga gtx280 ftw videocard
intel quad core 2.66 ghz
150gb raptorx hdd
2gb ram patriot 1033ghz
corsair 750watt ps
logitech g15 keyboard
sidewinder mouse(sucks)
logitech x540 speakers
dual samsung 2443bwx monitors running in span mode.

and im thinking about selling the pc, keyboard and mouse and buy a alienware area51 tell me what you think i should do.
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  1. Alienware charges a sizable all depends on how much $$$$ your willing to spend.

    You could make some simple upgrades to your current system in the current order:

    Buy another 2gb of ram, overclock your processor, upgrade your graphics to a 5870.
  2. Asking if you should buy an Alienware in a "Homebuilt Systems" thread doesn't make sense. Nobody here will tell you to waste your money on a pre-built computer. You get a much better machine for your money if you build it yourself.
  3. shortstuff_mt said:
    Asking if you should buy an Alienware in a "Homebuilt Systems" thread doesn't make sense. Nobody here will tell you to waste your money on a pre-built computer. You get a much better machine for your money if you build it yourself.

    Seriously... If your gonna spend a million dollars mine as well make an unbelievable i7 build...
    Or save alot on the cpu and build an AMD ll x4 build...

    But really pre-build... NO!

    Save money, pick your own everything, no what you did to it, and just have fun.
    Thats what building is all about, its fun.. Alot more fun than typing in a CC online and buying a whole computer. With building you get to have fun and let alone learn ALOT from others and from your mistakes or the things you do right :)

    Building is just alot more fun and cheaper and you can produce a better pc.
  4. +1 for shortstuff_mt. Well said.
  5. save everything in your old system except case, cpu, ram motherboard and then buy new stuff. You can also sell the gtx 280. Your system is still a top notch system dont know why you want to get rid of it.
  6. Keep in mind Alienware is in deep doodoo right now for not allowing overclocking anymore. There are several people threatening lawsuits against Dell for false advertising. They are shipping the computers with value ram, very limited bios, cheap MBs, and only allow factory OC. If its the case you want, shop around and find a similar case on can build a much better computer for much less if you have the knowledge, and if you don't you can find a custom builder who will do it for you for a much better price.
  7. +1 for belial2k,

    The Alienware case may look nice, but I can almost guarantee a long browse on Newegg will find a better looking one.
  8. If you must have it then try to find the case by itself, don't give more money to dell........ they already have enough.
  9. I checked for the case everywhere, nobody has it, does anybody know who makes alienware mobo.
  10. Its branded as Dell/Alienware. But it seems to be a Foxconn mATX X58 that has been cheapened down a bit. The voltage regulators are terrible, and many have already blown.
  11. alienware is a console in disguise, the product is aimed at rich console kids.

    if you want to buy a crazy case, go for the
  12. Yikes! Does a motherboard fit in there somewhere?!?
  13. in response to the inital post of replacing a custom build w/ an alienware area-51, the specs arent vastly different. Just as the 2nd reply mentioned, it's easy and simple to upgrade a few components. sound advice and save $ rather than selling and going with alienware.

    Money is always the deciding factor.. at least for me. i've assembled a few computers in the past and never had a problem with exception of minor hardware failures. Most the opinions given are from individuals who're generally biased and claim inferiority in regards to any 'prebuilt' machine.

    Back to the money deal, of course you'll slightly save purchasing seperately, but the computers aren't thrown together with an entanglement of connectors and open faced components. Ton of other reasons why alienware cases & builds outdo 9 of 10 systems used in home computing/entertainment.

    most hardware alienware uses is made by ibm i think. cant really find information on that, only drawback besides costing stacks of dough.. id like to know exact specs and who manufacturered. conservative builds not 'all out' are priced nicely im thinking.. $1579 (i7 920, 1gb ati 5870, 6gb ddr2 1067, 875W, no blue-ray or bd read/write). this could be seen as overpriced, but assembling yourself with similar components (without case and rebates) would potentially save $400+/- some.

    To address not having authorization to overclock, i dont know much about that. This can be easily found out, but i dont want to chat with dell. the build outlined above is a ridiculous upgrade from what im using now, so overclocking wouldn't be a big priority at this time. Even though increasing the frequency parts operate can make a huge impact, i use arcgis 9.2 and cs3 repetitively so an intense amount of system resources isn't really needed. If you're interested in running cad/video editing software, dvd/music encoding, writing to bd, or any intensive combination of tasks then ocing def produces a significant boost at the compromise usually of decreased stability, shortened longevity, higher temperatures, occasional void warranty, increased sound emanating from case.

    anyway, if anyone has read this far, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself by actually knowing a thing or two prior to responding. I'm in no way an expert as my experience is lacking, but i know basics and that was enough to curb this thread.

  14. I ended up buying the aurora alx, with dual 2gb 5870, I think it was a good deal, cost me $2700 cad, and it came with tactx keyboard mouse and headphones. I'm am really impressed with the performance, I also just bought 3 samsung 2443bw monitor off eBay for $600 shipped. So my system is pretty sweet now.
  15. Well, glad you like it. That is what really matters in the end.
  16. Yea hope you enjoy the system it sounds really sick!
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