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OK, this was originally going to be a two parter, but after reading the advice someone else asked for pertaining to either getting a 4890 or 5770 ( I think I'm going to stick with the idea of getting the 5770. Glad I saw the thread. :)

OK, a little run down. I'm upgrading from an AMD x2 set up to an Intel i7 920. I currently am planning on purchasing an ATi Radeon since from I've heard they are currently out performing nVidia cards of the the same caliber. I own a Samsung 25" monitor and run it a 1920x1200 resolution. As stated above I'm looking at purchasing an ATi 5770 and looking to possibly XFire it with another in the near future after I've paid off my rig.

My question is this. I had originally slotted to purchase a 750W power supply. Since reading up on the power consumption difference between nVidia cards and ATi, ATi being much less than nVidia, I was curious if I should stay with the 750 since I plan to XFire in the near future, or maybe drop to a 700 or 650 to save some money. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. well ati reccomends 600 watts for crossfire fro 5770' s/5750's but i dont like the idea of split connectors i prefer a power supply with enough connectors
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