9800GT DX10.0 4.0 or 4670 DX10.1 + shader 4.1

guys tell me whats your opinion about having a good videocard such as 9800GT with dx10.0 and shader model 4.0

vs a 4670 dx10.1 with shader model 4.1

some games boost fps with sm 4.1 and dx 10.1?

just a casual gamer with 18.5inch widescreen monitor..
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  1. Well I'm using a pair of 8800GT's and the lack of DX10.1 and SM4.1 have not caused me to have any sleepless nights.
  2. in pure performance 9800GT still beat HD4670 even though it has DX10.1 support. for more GPU hungry games HD4670 will have to struggle more than 9800GT for both DX9 or DX10 games
  3. if they are same price take the 9800GT

    else take the Radeon. 4670 currently is unbeatable for its price/perf in that range.

    Tell us your budget and I am sure we will be able to give you good advice. Usually its 3rd option the one asking never considered ;)
  4. Thanks for the reply..

    as all you know the 9800GT drops the performance in dx 10.1 shows here


    sad to say im on a tight budget.. im looking in quality performance.

    i had my eye on 4770 and reading reviews

    but my budget is for 4670 range..

    come to think if i spend more money of my processor or spend it more on videocard

    if i do get the 9800gt probably pare it with e5300

    and if i do get the 4670 pare it with e7400

    what do you think guys?
  5. Directx 10.1 show a big difference here..>>>

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