Single E5520 vs i7 920

Hi guys,

I am very confused!

I'm planning a new workstation and I was wondering which of the CPU’s are better (no oc). E5520 or i7 920.
I found this benchmark here:
I thought E5520 would be better but it’s a long gap to 920.
The goal is a professional audio workstation. Which would you recommend for best performance? The board is ASUS P6T WS PRO.
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  1. First of all, it's important to note the E5520 is intended to be a server processor. I'm thinking the i7-920 would be the better performing CPU for an actual workstation environment. Especially since it's $90 or so cheaper. Plus the i7-920 is going to have a higher stock speed since you're not wanting to overclock.

    Unless the audio software you'll be using somehow operates better with a Xeon setup, I'd say the i7-920 is your best over all option.
  2. Thank you jerreece.
    I would like to read some other opinions though.
    CPU is important in professional audio, as fast RAM is.
    the $90 is not really a problem. I just want to be sure what to buy.
  3. jerreece is correct. You gain absolutely nothing using a Xeon processor on that motherboard as it doesn't even support ECC memory. Its main feature is support for SAS drives.
  4. +1 4 the i7 920
  5. +1 17 920
    it could overclock to a very high GHz even reach 4GHz
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