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What is the diffrence between the corsair h80 and h100. For 10 extra dollars, what do you get with the H100?
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  1. The H100 is a dual RAD and the H80 is a single RAD.....That's about it, mate.
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    The 2x120mm radiator doubles you cooling area, so the H100 should cool better.

    Whether it's good enough to actually cool much better is another story.
  3. I had both the H80 and H100, but both died on me after around 4 months. there was around 5-8'Celcius difference. Look at some benchmarks, it will help you decide :D
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  5. Yesterday i just bought Corsair H80i . the result is as wat review say . more efficient then 100i more easy to install not like 100i so bulky
  6. I am honestly looking into changing from the H100 to the H80i myself due to the obvious space hog nature of the H100 when mounting internally.
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