Tomtom bluetooth GPS receiver windows 7 64 bit

So Windows 8 is about to launch, yet Windows 7 64bit still won't work with my TomTom bluetooth GPS receiver!
Surely TomTom or Microsoft could have come up with something by now!
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  1. It surely is not MS problem. Use the driver u have in compatibility mode and run it as vista or XP. Run as administrator.
  2. Nikorr

    Thanks for the reply, I was trying to connect it to MS Mappoint 2010 (Autoroute/Streets & Tips) but when I tried to configure it, it was always assigned to a port which did not show up in the 'scan for GPS', finally after uninstalling the drivers & re-installing, deleting the TomTom receiver & re-adding it countless times, I deleted my phones, the bluetooth driver & the TomTom device, re-installed the driver & the TomTom and it was finally assigned to a visible port :D
    I quickly saved that configuration before it changed it's mind! :lol:
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