Hyper 212 Evo vs NH-D14, m-atx board

I need some help choosing between the two coolers. I know that the NH-d14 will fit in a standard m-atx mobo, but is it worth it?
Here's the self-assessed pros and cons of the NH-d14 over the 212 evo:

Lower temp
Lower noise

1.Cooler will be above the ram slots - Unable to change RAMs without taking cooler off motherboard
2.Cooler uncomfortably close to gpu pcb due to m-atx design - on one configuration, part of the cooler (clips) were touching the pcb, although I can put electrical tapes around the components to prevent any potential accidents.
3. Weight of cooler. I'm surprised that not many discuss about this issue because the thing weighs in total 1.24kg - that's over twice the weight of Evo 212. In the long term, I fear the sheer weight of the thing would affect the motherboard.
4. Price - while it's not a significant factor, bear in mind I'd be paying ca£20 premium over the hyper212evo.

So, is it worth the £20 trade-off?
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  1. Holy crap 1.2 kg dang. Bro I got a big ass cooler that covers my ram and its a pain in the ass. Unless you are overclocking I would go for the smaller one. Here is my cooler
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