Dolby Digital Live on XP Pro not working

I'm not a noob by any means. As far as I can find I should have full DDL working in XP Pro.
Here is my System Specs

AMD Athlon II x4 620 OC'ed to 3,250mhz
2x2GB PC 10600 at 1,332mhz
2x160GB RAID-0 Windows XP Pro x86
1TB Windows 7 Pro x64
ASUS ENGTS250 Dark Knight

Now the only thing that matters is the Mobo and its Realtek 889 chip set.
That chip set has full DDL support. I built this system to run Windows 7,
and that chip set on a sub $100 mobo offered bang for my buck as I can
use my 5.1 home theater for gaming. With Windows 7 I got the 5.1 over
DDL. Perfect sound on all channels from the get go. Sadly I picked 7 x64
because I do Video Editing and my software is offered in x64 and can use
the added Memory. This led to driver problems crashing my system wall
gaming. For that reason I did a clean rebuild and installed XP on my Raid
and 7 on my 1TB.

Now I get my gaming free of BSOD, and my Editing faster. Along with he
BSOD I also bid farewell to 5.1 in games. Now in an old game like Mech 4
Mercs, I don't mind. In a game like Team Fortress 2 or CS:S I do like to
know what direction I'm getting attached from.

Long winded I am, but telling the facts makes getting answers easier.
Question. Is there a way to activate DDL in XP Pro?

I've tried the GIGABYTE and Realtek HD Audio drivers in XP, and no joy.
DDL is working in 7 with the GIGABYTE drivers off the CD, but I've updated
to the newest for 7 to help with x64 problems.

I've updated the Bios in the Mobo.

SPDIF over Toss link Optical is working in Stereo in XP.
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  1. Been rooting around in the SDK docs, and am wondering if it might have something to do with Xp's lack of the MediaFoundation; still trying to see if there's a 'patch' to enable...
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    Use the official audio driver from Gigabyte website. Version must not newer than R2.36 to get Dolby in XP.
  3. I'm running the r2.42-6034 driver at the moment and it's not working for me.
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  5. Got the old driver. Installed over the new and works fine. Why the functions of the motherboard and it's chip-set are locked in the later drivers I do not know... Gigabyte is pushing people to upgrade to 7 so there manuals aren't over packed.
  6. Hi Thavion!

    I am having the exact same problem as you with the ALC889 chip on two different Gigabyte boards. But unfortunately, installing the old 2.36 driver version, which I found online doesn't solve the issue for me.

    I was wondering if you could elaborate a little if there was anything else you might have done, and also, what exactly you mean by "works fine". Do you actually get the "Dolby Digital Live 5.1" output option in the Realtek HD Audio Manager?

    Thanks for your help.
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