Video card not out putting to tv through hdmi

I have installed an ATI Radeon 5750 1GB video card. I have hooked up the hdmi output to my magnivox 32 in lcd tv it worked for a while but i recently did a clean install of windows 7 professional reinstalled the drivers that came with the video card but they wouldnt install a message popped up saying drivers do not support installed GPU so I went online and downloaded the specific win 7 drivers they installed fine but i have no video out through the hdmi the tv shows a not supported format can anybody give me a heads up on what is going on
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  1. Hey Rob,

    Are you attempting to expand your desktop to the TV or use the TV as your only monitor?
  2. Well actually i was using the tv as a desktop extension i called ati today and was told that the problem could be my chip set drivers which i didnt updfate after doing a fresh install of the os so i am giong to try that now
  3. If you're attempting to use the TV as a desktop extension and you're running Windows 7 press Windows Key + P and select extend.
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