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So I'm new to the whole PC industry, and don't know exactly the best prices, or items, but I have Verizon and they gave me a $200 Coupon for ANY PC I buy from HP's official site. And well I making a Custom built one, and I'm wondering if the Intelcore I7(2.8GHz) is really worth $150 more then a I5(2.66GHz)?

Also with Graphics Cards. Well, is a 1GB ATI Radeon HD 4650 [DVI, HDMI, VGA] better for 30bucks cheaper then the 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 [DVI, HDMI, VGA] I would like honest opinions. Also if anyone knows where I can order Cheap customizable PCs, I've been And built the perfect PC with an Inter cooling water system, and just fell $100 short. . . Or if I could get some recommended stuff off of HP's website, and take a screenshot of the stats(Or copy, and paste) the Specs and list the price. I have 800bucks to spend and I got a 200 coupon off of any computer on HP's official site, so Thank you to all of you who try in advance.
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  1. What do you want in your computer as far as multitasking, gaming, etc?
  2. Gaming mostly, but I to be able to play the newest games at a smooth rate, and at high, possibly medium.
  3. Well, I went to the HP website, used their customizing utility and came up with this...

    I started with the e9200z, which uses the AMD processor(

    I picked the AMD Athlon X4 620.
    Odds are you probably won't need more than 4GB, but take more if its free (duh, lol :D ).
    Lastly, go with the at least the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220.

    This should bring your total up to around $750.

    Personally though, I would spend the extra money and go for the 4850, otherwise you might have quite a hard time playing games a decent framerate.
  4. The 220 is pretty weak, its a bare minimum card for gaming. A 4850, 5750, GT240 or GT 250 would be the low end for gaming graphics cards at this point.

    The resolution of your monitor has alot of impact on gaming performance. Smaller low res monitors take alot less graphics power than larger hi-res LCDs. Whats your monitor resolution and what games do you play?
  5. Hmm, well I'm actually using a 20inch LCD. The label says "HD TV Monitor" But I might get a 32inch that says "FULL HD" on it. As of now I don't play any games on this computer due to it's terrible everything. But is there any way that I could check? Like right clicking my computer?
  6. Sorry, It's 1024x768 on the 20inch I'm on now
  7. Foxer, your link appears to be broken.
  8. Well, I just tried it and it appears to be working fine.
  9. In addition, at that resolution, you should be able to get by with the Geforce GT 220, though I still recommend moving up to the 4850.
  10. The link is so long he is getting too much when he cut/pastes it. Click on desktops then high-performance then the e9200z is at the top.

    1024x768 is a minimal resolution (750,000 pixels) so a minimal card will do OK. A Full HD should be 1920x1080, which is 2 million pixels and requires over 2and a half times as much graphics power to play on. A 4850 will play most games at medium/high settings on 1920x1080 but can play ultra high on 1024x768.
  11. Wow, I don;t think I'll come up with the money for that kind of Graphics card. I'd have to sell my Xbox360+it's games. Let me scratch the part out where I said "Latest games" I'm looking for a more of "Fallout3" "GTA: IV" "Far Cry 2" Graphics card. My friend has a pretty cheap one and he's running these kind of games on his 800 dollar laptop! Also not to forget "Left4Dead" and possibly "Team Fortress 2"
  12. Alright, I'm going with the 4850, but I'm sticking with Intel's Processor, I choose the HP Pavilion Elite e9210t series(Which starts at $699), then I choose the Lowest Quad that was included with price, and picked up the 4gb to 6gb free upgrade, kept the 500gb HDD, and got the 4850, and hopefully I can get this 32inch HDMI TV, and I got like 4 HDMI cabels laying around the house(Thanks to Verizon overstocking me with them)!

    I appreciate ALL of EVERYONE'S help so far! I would've wasted money on a processor rather then the High-end Graphics card!
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