Asus p5b-e ethernet controller not working

Asus p5b-e mobo
e8400 core 2 duo wolfdale 45nm
en9800gt overclocked by asus
Corsair 650w psu
Gskill 2x2gb, 1x1gb pc6400DDRII

so, I had been running vista x64 for a while on the machine, and everything seemed to be running fine. I tried upgrading to W7, and the install seemed to be clean. However, I started seeing BSOD's while running CODMW2, and operating normally. I figured this to be because Asus has no drivers written for Win7 for my mobo.

So when I go back to Vista, sometimes the install freezes. The couple times it's worked, and I've installed all other drivers etc, the Ethernet controller won't work.

I've tried a few different versions of the drivers, uninstalling and re installing, disabling the nic in the device manager and re-enabling, tried in safe mode, with no luck so far.

Windows seems to have accepted the drivers if they install, which sometimes they don't, they freeze up at like 99.99%. When this happens, windows tells me there is a hardware problem with the Ethernet controller.
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  1. Try uninstalling the drivers in your current system. Re-start and when the OS "Found new hardware" pop-up appears, you choose the device (ethernet controller (your make and model), and have Windows search for the driver on the CD that came with the motherboard.
  2. If the standard process described above by treefrog does not work and you are getting tired of spending a lot of time on this issue, you might prefer to just go out and buy a NIC card for $30 and be done with it, assuming its drivers will work when installed.
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