I7 Running Too Hot Noctua NH-U12P Cooler

Looking for some help on cooling on my new Homebuilt system

MoBo P6T
Memory Corsair 1333MHz 12GB
Intel i7 920 DO (not OC yet)
Cooler Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 both fans in use High Speed
PSU Corsair 850W
ThermalTake Armour Full Tower
23CM side fan
3x 120mm fans
4x 140mm fans

My problem is at idle my CPU Temp is 56C at idle and 75C at 100% load

I pulled the cooler a second time cleaned off the Artic Silver and used the
paste that came with the cooler. The temperature dropped about 5C
but I think it is still too hot.

Right now I am thinking of:

1. Pulling the cooler then lapping it.
2. Adding a small amount of thermal paste at step 4. of
the installation along the 4 pipes about 1/3 long of the
3. Applying the thermal paste in a small line on the CPU then
using a safety razor to spread it out. Saw this here or on

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Forgot to add, step 4 in assemblying the Noctua, you attach the heatsink to the pipes on the main cooler/fins. I think a bit of thermal paste won't hurt.
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  3. Do you have the power saving features turned on in bios. The voltage v core, there are 3 options or more. Mine was set to auto, changed to normal on a gigabyte i5 750 and the voltage seemed much lower at idle, thus running cooler. Your load temps are fine.
  4. Thanks to all for their instruction. I did find a ASUS Program to automatically throttle the CPU, its called EPU-6 Engine.

    I mentioned applying a small amount of thermal paste between the heat pipes and cooler sink.

    Its step 3. Tried to just paste the pictures but couldn't. I was going to apply just a small
    amount and spread it thin.

    Thanks TomC
  5. Well, no replies in awhile.

    I'm going to pull the cooler, clean the cpu and heatsink on the cooler. Lap the heatsink then apply
    the Thermal Compound on using the Straight Razor method. Double check the direction of the
    two fans then apply a small amount of Compound on the four cooling tubes, just a bit. I don't
    like the metal to metal contact only. Then see how she runs normally and oc'd.

  6. One thing I forgot to ask. Is it safe to lap the CPU chip in place? I haven't the foggiest. Don't want a metal chips down in the MoBo. I'm using 400 and 800 grit.
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