Loud fans issue after installing a new mobo for friend's pc.

Hello everyone, I've just recently helped my friend replace his dead motherboard with an Asus m4a88t-m. After we replaced it, we turned on the computer and everything seemed to turn out okay, except for the fact that his computer transformed into a jet engine.

I can't figure out why it might be doing that. I've even made sure to apply the right amount of thermal paste (pea size). According to HWMonitor, the CPU fan is spinning at 4200 RPM, and the case fan is spinning at 2400 RPM. The temperature idles around 29-33C with the AMD stock cooler.

Is there anyway to fix this? I enabled the Q Fan settings in the bios, and it's at 4V. Should I get an after market cooler? Would that fix the issue, or should I buy him a manual fan control? Also, if you do recommend a heat sink, can you show me a good low profile one. His case is a small HP Pavilon, so the 212+ probably won't fit in there.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. One of your fans is probably not mounted properly, causing the loud noise. Check all of your mounts and make sure your case fans are tight.
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