Cyclic redundancy error

At first, I got a problem with my Windows 7 - it got frozen on welcome screen. I tried to use a recovery disk it didn't help.
Next step was my USB recovery unit - I hoped to access Windows files and at least recover some of the data.
Partition Magic could see my hard drive, it could access "System Reserve" yet couldn't access another partition with all windows files on it.
I took out a hard drive and connected to another computer through USB, and the same story - it can be seen yet not accessible.
Do you think there is any way to recover the data?
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  1. It seems that your drive is in bad condition.
    If your drive fails to work than even the best data recovery software will be useless.
    Data recovery programs are made to recover deleted, damaged or formated files on a working drive. That means that if you get your drive to work again and you have damaged/deleted files start recovering.
    First try to "fix " your drive.
    Download Hard Disk Sentinel and see in what condition your hdd is.
    Download your vendors hdd's diagnostic/ reapir utility and run it,
    maybe it will fix something just little bit so you gain back acess to your drive so
    you can back up more files.
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