How to find out your ssid or security key from isp

i am trying to get internet on my ps3 and dsi. how do i set it up without a router
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  1. Try googling this question. You will find several pointers not least pointers as to how to ask the question.

    We know you have a PS3. What is DSI? Do you have a broadband internet connection? Do you have a modem?

    Presumably as you have posted on the forum you have a connected PC. Are you wanting a wired connection or a wireless connection.

    If you tell us how you get an internet connection and what PS3 connection you want then you may get help.
  2. You typically can't have multiple network devices accessing the Internet w/o a router. You MUST use a router to share the single public IP made available by the ISP to many local IP addresses (each assigned to different devices, like your PS3 or DSI). Without a router, you’re stuck w/ ONE and ONLY ONE network device having Internet access.

    And btw, what does your title have to do w/ your question?
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