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So I just built a new system, and it's my first one to use Windows 7 64-bit. On my last computer, which ran Windows XP 32-bit, I greatly enjoyed a setup in which I had the audio from my games output to my headphones and the audio from everything else, including things like Pandora or iTunes, go to my external speaker system. To accomplish this, I used a program called IndieVolume. Here's a link to its website:

If this program ran correctly on my new computer, I could go on living my life and enjoying the awesome setup that I once had. But that's just the problem: it doesn't. IndieVolume supports everything from Windows XP to Windows 7, but not the 64-bit version of Windows 7. My only choice now is to trek the tubes in search of an alternative method of approaching per-application audio output device selection [for applications that do not have options that allow audio out device selection by themselves].

In the above stated objective, I have yet to be successful, and I am growing ever more desperate. I am even considering doing something over-complicated and drastic like figuring out how to get PulseAudio (a program for linux that may or may not even support per-application audio device selection) running on Windows 7. And before someone brings it up: no, Virtual Audio Cable does not support per-application device selection.

Many of my questions have been answered on this site as but a simple lurker, but this seemingly simple task is driving me insane and I have resorted to asking help from the people, directly. So I ask thee this: by the power of the blood drawn from this goat and all that is unholy, can somebody think of a way to achieve per-application audio output device selection in 64-bit Windows 7 manually or through some other third-party program? I fancy myself an advanced user, so I will not be psyched out by any kind of involved process. I just want this to happen! Thank you, in advance.

Edit: also let me know if I should try posting this in a different forum..."Applications" or "Home Audio" perhaps?
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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this? I just found Indie Volume, and I loved it the one time it worked, but I can't find something else that works on Windows 7.

  2. I'm sorry, I still haven't found an exact solution to my problem and I'm still looking for one. It's a frustrating search for something that is seemingly so simple.
  3. Hi. I'm also trying to solve this problem and I thought Indievolume was going to save me, I was disappointed. I'm in a similar predicament, but I want to listen to music in one ear and a podcast in the other (or even 2 different songs at the same time).

    PulseAudio does indeed appear to have what you are looking for. It also will run on windows with some configuring. Seeing as I run a linux box, I might try to get this to work.

    Looked at PulseAudio, haven't actually looked at the command line or anything, but it appears that it doesn't have what you're looking for. It has something similar to Windows 7

    It looks like Virtual Audio Cable will solve my problem. I'm poking around for your problem.

    You are in luck if you use Windows Media Player OR Foobar2000 you can choose your audio device.

    Nope.. my idea didn't work. I ended up taking yours.
  4. I would like to bump this thread as I am searching for a solution to the exact same problem as well. It is frustrating that something so obvious is so hard to find. I can totally see a program showing itself to windows as a virtual sound card and once you select it as the default playback device, from within the programs UI you route individual applications to different sound devices. But as the OP said, I would be happy with any configuration whatsoever as long as it solves the problem.
  5. I have used Pulseaudio on Ubuntu to achieve this easily, but I have been looking for a solution for Windows to no avail... I guess I will have to build my HTPC on linux.
  6. i have been looking for a solution to this for a long while, my wife and i are constantly watching netflix while i play swtor or battlefield. i have to just mute my game, even though i have a g930 7.1 surround sound headset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am LIVID! its so stupid and SO simple. there must be a conspiracy on this. i can tell my applications what screen to play their video on, why cant i tell them what speaker to play their audio on? this is so simple and so frustrating, did anyone ever figure something out????
  7. old thread but i'm bumping anyways. I'm having the same issue and I have to agree that this is a conspiracy. Its an effort to force us into buying an additional pc when we really dont need one. If some programmer would be so kinda as to make indievolume work or write something better i'd gladly pay.
  8. Old thread, indeed, but I feel I ought to update it. It appears that the Indievolume people have finally updated their program to support Windows 7 64-bit (finally)... that is if this update is to be believed:

    Date: June 4, 2012 Size: 1.95 MB
    Changes since previous version:
    - support of x32 applications for Windows 7 x64
    - do not display system applications in main IndieVolume window
  9. Dinosaurathon said:
    I'm sorry, I still haven't found an exact solution to my problem and I'm still looking for one. It's a frustrating search for something that is seemingly so simple.

    I've tried Chevolume and it looks great! :)
  10. zifnab06 said:
    Did you ever find a solution to this? I just found Indie Volume, and I loved it the one time it worked, but I can't find something else that works on Windows 7.


    Only 6 years later and I've found a viable solution!:

    It can be touchy, like with chrome it may now show up until you are playing audio through chrome first. After routing it I've had no issue though.

    I'm now using VR while playing a livestream on my tv through chrome.

    You can open it up and set it to route audio from programs to the device you want.
    Here is a gif of it in action.

    I'd personally recommend using voice meeter banana, but I warn it's confusing to setup correctly.

    You should configure it to be your default devices for mic and speakers. After that you can try to mimic these settings, it may help.

    The audio devices should be defaulted to voicemeeter in windows. The Aux device is what you'll forward to the TV/etc. Within voicemeeter you should set the top right "hardware out" devices to the ones that you'd like to use. In my picture you can see I have tv on 3 and Vr headset on 1. My default windows device is voicemeeter VIAO and I'd normally use the AUX device for things like discord or similar. In this case I make them on separate channels so that I won't be hearing my audio in my headset that I want on the TV.
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