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Hello, I'm looking to buy a desktop or build one for 300$ total price. I'm not the smartest when it comes to computers, but I know enough basics to get help from friends and piece it together. PROBLEM is ALOT of people on Craigslist are selling built pc's and used pc's and IDK which will run W.o.W. ....I dont really play anything else and honestly dont plan to. I DO watch streaming movies and tv shows, listen to music and enjoy long walks on the beach lol. I'm getting tax money in a week and wanna know what you the community thinks about this!! Thanks so much! oh the computer i'm looking at is:
gaming rig with amd dual core x5000+ black edition

4gigs of ram

nvidia 9600gt w/512megs of ram

250gig hd

windows vista preloaded.

thats his posting but apparently the 4gb ram turned into 2gb....he said it wasnt working or it worth 300 bones? i think its a sham :\
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    just found that but idk if it'll still be there in a week when i get the money to buy...jeeze that would be awesome.....
  2. Hey i see everyone VIEWING the thread and nobody posting....if you could say a LITTLe something i'd appreciate the advice. i havent bought a computer in say, 4 years? maybe more?
  3. The one from craigslist would be fine, as long as you know its fine, and its not too bad of a deal for 300$, its pretty good actually. As for the tigerdirect one, youll be playing WoW with a very nice slideshow affect. Go with craigslist as long as you know its legit
  4. Really? oh. why slideshow i thought that was a good deal :( tell me more!
  5. plz i just need someone to help. or even project me up a computer! 300$ or less World of Warcraft Gaming machine! PLZ someone help. I only have till Wednesday to have it built and sent here! I'd like to have it shipping ON wed....
  6. The one off craigslist actually has a dedicated GPU, tigerdirect one has a geforce 6150... seriously weak stuff. the 9600gt dominates it... go with craigslist as long as you know its legit and works
  7. yeah he said that I can play with it and such before i take it home. thing is he wont include the LCD display so i have to play on this OLD crap i have. wanna know....can i use my hd tv with it? i'm computer build I really just dont understand the "graphics card" thing....i always thought RAM was the thing you wanted but it seems that graphics cards and CPU's are really a big deal :\
  8. Plus i'd told him 300 was steep for 2g RAM and windows VISTA (pos), plus no lcd monitor....i had another guy with a way better system with a 24" dell lcd for 300, 4g RAM and some dual core 2.6ghz or something...idk he's selling it friday and i wont have the money till next Wednesday....

    just found this but cant do much with that considering i'd have to find my OWN used systems and take them apart, knowing WHAT goes with WHAT and which computers are interchangeable....ugh. i'm doomed........any more advice? if that computer is sold......i can give you this much info and you can help from there if you wanna lol

    local C list....idk what to look for lol
  10. hey i have a dell 2100. but was going to sell it unless i can use parts from it? still kinda lost....
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