Will 9800GT fit into Compaq?

Hi, im wanting to upgrade my computer's graphics card but im not sure if it will fit. The graphics card I want to get is a 1GB Gainward 9800GT and the computer I want to put it in is a HP Compaq CQ3020AN [...] =lt&cc=lt. Please help me and if it doesnt fit could you please give me suggestions on ones that will,

Thanks :)
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  1. The standard dimensions for a 9800GT are 10.5 in. (length) and 4.4 in. (height). The card also takes up the space of two PCI cards, so its good to keep that in mind too.

    The link you posted didn't go through to anything. But in my experience with HP computer cases, they are generally small and it seems custom built almost to fit around the components inside.
  2. power supply at 250 watts looks a little light!
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    f1n15h3d said:

    Hey f1n15h3d,

    Your computer has one available PCI-e 16x slot which is not occupied as the motherboard is currently using an onboard graphics solution. While you should just be able to stick in any PCI-e compatible card, your power supply is relatively weak being rated at only 250W. At that wattage, I really cannot recommend adding a discrete graphics processor as most that are relatively modern will require around 350W minimum with 80 PLUS efficiency. Pre-built power supplies are usually very conservative and overrated with poor efficiency to save the manufacturer money, you'll need to replace it before adding anything more powerful than 4650 or 8600 GT.

    There's special holiday savings on a 380W Antec EarthWatts power supply with an 80 PLUS BRONZE rating for $60 with free 3-day shipping which means it is very efficient and will handle power output over its rating if necessary. Once you replace your power supply you'll be good to go, though I would recommend just getting a 512MB 9800GT since it is not powerful enough to use the 1GB of memory, nor would I guess your resolution be high enough.
  4. first it depends on your casing type. if you have slim one you may want to look for 9800GT with low profile design such as this:

    also take not your PSU. based on the specification link that you provide your PSU wattage are 250w. i think you should upgrade your PSU first before upgrading your GPU
  5. Yeah im getting a power supply from MSY, sorry for leaving that out. Ill upload pictures of my computer once I get home because i'm at school right now.
  6. Also I live in Australia if that helps
  7. so ive decided that ill get the antec earthwatts 500w and the 512mb 9800gt. thanks for your help :)
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