SU4100 vs Intel centrino duo T2500 @ 2.00ghz

I want to know if SU4100 is better than Intel centrino duo T2500 @ 2.00ghz or Atom Z550 2ghz. Which one is better?
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  1. First, you don't want an Atom.

    the pentium dual-core SU4100 is a 1.3GHz part, 800MHz FSB, 10W
    Centrino is a core duo 2.0GHz, 667FSB, 30W.
    Both have 2MB cache.

    What will you use them for?

    What specific laptops are you looking at?
  2. In terms of raw performance,T2500 is faster than a SU4100 but SU4100 has a better battery life
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