Hello,I got this problem before "CHECKSUM error, defaults loaded" appearing evrytime i boot my Windows XP. OTHER SYMPTOMS: the clock is always go on reset and I need to manually change it every now and then. So, as advised here, in this forum, I changed my battery (Lithium 2032, 3v) with new one.

BUT......the problem persists...i can still see that error message during boot...what do you think is the problem?? I noticed that this problems only occured after many updates of this window... PLEASE HELP ME!! =(
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  1. Yah..I just put the baterry and do nothing then...Do i need to reset the Bios??? HOW??
  2. OK, BIOS setup data is maintained by a capacitor when AC is applied and a Lithium battery when there is no AC power.

    In order to reset your BIOS to default settings you have to:

    1) Unplug the power cord either from the wall or the Power Supply or simply flip the PS toggle switch for those that have them.
    2) Remove the lithium battery.
    3) Short either the two solder pads or the jumper pins which short the capacitor to ground thus zeroing the BIOS settings to Factory Defaults. (usually there is something on the order of 'RTC reset' silk screened on the MB next to the proper shorting points.)

    Note: the order is crucial.

    Now it sounds to me as though you have a MB that has the jumper style RTC reset. And if so your problem could be the exact reason why I don't like boards that do, and prefer those that have the solder pads. If you leave the jumper on those jumper pins and replace the battery or apply AC power to your PS then you are shorting the circuit responsible for maintaining your BIOS settings and Real Time Clock (RTC) and shall probably do permanent damage to that circuit.

    If it's beefy and you're lucky, all you'll have to do is remove the jumper and buy yet another battery.

    If the jumper is not present then your problem could indicate that you have already done damage to that circuit by not following the procedure that I outlined above.

    Remember that this may not necessarily be your problem. But this problem has your indications.

    Good Luck,

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