New AMD Gameing Build >$2000

So it looks like I'm going to be coming into some unexpected money and am looking to build a system that will be fairly future proof to get me through untill I can afford an upgrade. I play games(left for dead, cod4 mostly) mostly but it will also be hooked up to a flat screen TV in the computer room for watching movies. I am looking to try and get a fairly extensive OC out of the system and want to use it as my intro to water cooling when I can save up the money in a few months for the proper equipment. (will post for water cooling advice closer to when I purchase the system)

HAF 932 -
Phenom II 965 - (going to make sure I find one of the 125w ones)
Crosshair III Formula -
OCZ Gold PSU -
ATI 5870 - (if I can find one in stock somewhere)
Not sure what ram I'm going to get yet need to check availability of the ones listed on the QVL.
Also just going to get a cheeper cpu cooler to just bide my time till I can afford the pieces for the liquid cooling set-up. Something like

Also looking for a new display around 20-24 inches.(not included in the 2k)

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Edit your post to include this format please:

    It makes it much easier to see what you want the computer to do (and thus what you need out of it). Thanks.
  2. I can't recall a > $2,000 build being listed in a long time that didn't include an Intel 920.
  3. I don't like intel... they make the better chips but they're trying to destroy all competition for micro chips and no competition is BAD for prices.
  4. AMD has essentially chosen to compete at the low end. Since you want to build at the high end, why cripple your machine because of their choice?

    I will wait for your further details before commenting further.
  5. The phenom II's will cover all the gaming I want to do and give fairly impressive numbers when I overclock. The anti trust lawsuits don't seem to faze intel maybe if they lose some market share they'll start being more responcible. Plus with what they've done in with the 5000 series makes me hopeful they might have a better cpu in the pipelines to compete with the i7's better
  6. go dual 5970's, $1200 for GPU's and $800 for the rest for an AMD build shouldn't be too bad
  7. I won't argue with you about choosing AMD, that's fine with me. That is a good CPU cooler (the direct contact ones should be excellent) and should allow for a decent OC. As for the ram, there is a lot of new stuff out for Intel's i5 and i7 that is low voltage (because they can only do 1.65V). I would try to get some of that if possible, just to keep heat down and life of the ram up.
  8. Glad to see a Dream AMD build for once. I have a few suggestions for you even though it looks like you have a good idea on everything.

    The PII X4 955 is practically the same processor as the 965. AMD just tweaked the clock on the 955 and made the 965. It will save you a few dollars to get the 955 as they reach the same OC limit. The 955 also uses less power than the 965. AMD has released a tweaked 965 using 125W but I haven't seen any available yet.

    For RAM I suggest Mushkin Enhanced Redline. I was lucky enough to get the last kit on Newegg US. Amazing RAM, 1600 4GB 7-7-7-18 for $117.99.

    If you are still looking for a liquid cooling setup I suggest you take a look at Swiftech. Most of the waterblocks are Intel designed so make sure to read carefully. They do have AM3 waterblocks, you just have to sift through all the Intel.
  9. Newegg US has the 125W PII 965 in stock. Has been for a while, and same price too:

    I don't know about any other sites though.
  10. EXT64 said:
    Newegg US has the 125W PII 965 in stock. Has been for a while, and same price too:

    I don't know about any other sites though.

    Without a doubt make sure you get one of these, and its definitely worth the 25 bucks over 955. These are probably the highest quality chips in each wafer. These will give potentially the highest clock speed. Intel did, is doing the same thing with Q9550, and Q9550-s They get over a hundred bucks more.
  11. The only thing with the i5/i7 ram is they tend to have higher latency then the ram that was being originally put out for the phenoms but I can't seem to find any of it anymore :(.

    the Mushkin Enhanced Redline does look like pretty sweet deal I'll try and find some arround here.

    thanks for the suggestions
  12. Well, mainly I meant try to avoid the 1.8-1.9 volt stuff if possible. There should be a few 1.65V 1600MHz CAS7 modules out there, not many, but some.
    This ram IS 7-8-7 I have a set, just $104, about the cheapest you can find, and gskill is always great.
  14. thanks all I'm doing a price match now on ncix to try and price everything out. looks like I'll be able to afford a ssd for my os :D not much else will fit on it but I guess I could pick up a raptor or 2 for my games when I have money before I get the lcs.
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