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Im new to watercooling but i know some about it... Similar topics have been answered in other threads but some arnt recent and are not exactly what i wanna know so pardon me if this is a question thats been answered.....

AMD 8150
Crosshair 990 fx
16gb Rip Jaws X 2133
MSI Twin Frozr III 7870
60gb OCZ SSD
1 tb Seagate HDD
1250 OCZ psu
Thermaltake LVL 10 gt

I want to water cool and over clock my system... maybe just start by cooling my graphix and cpu ... id lyk to be able to expand to my mobo and ram possibly later or now depends on price....

1. what brands do you recommend ?
2. distilled or pre-made coolant ? and if distilled whats best for algae and corrosion ?
3. what size pump would allow me overhead if need be ?
4. Budget 400
5. will 3'8 " tubing be sufficient for cooling more than gpu and cpu ?
6. whats the best disconnects in terms of safety and quality?
7. whats the best tubing material wise?
8. whats the best setup ?

and any thing else you think would be knowledgeable for me to know....

thanks :sol:
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  1. welcome to the watercooling section of Tom's

    have you read the sticky at the top of the section to get a better understanding and knowledge of watercooling? if not, its in my sig. Take your time reading the sticky and you'll find all the answers above in the sticky + a lil Google search will also reveal what happens when algae blooms in your loop.

    hope this helps.

    after you've worked out the majority of the questions, post back here for feedback on your parts.
  2. ill check it out... i reead a couple of them but not this one... thanks ttyl
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