I7 820QM or i7 620M?

I'm looking at Lenovo laptops and trying to decide between the W510 and T510 series.

The W510 offers the i7 720QM and 820QM chips.
The T510 offers the 620M chip.

I'm a business user: I run multiple applications at once, and I occasionally do high-load things like batch processing or hundreds of pages of scans. Most of my programs (acrobat pro, omnipage pro, lightroom, photoshop) use multiple cores very well. I'm be running win7 ultimate 64.

I am having a devil of a time deciding which is likely to be faster. If it's close, I'll probably buy the T510: it's cheaper, and only 35w. If there's a serious benefit to the 820qm I'd like to know.

can anyone comment?
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  1. i would buy the w510 it has nvidia quadro graphic its one of the best gpus out there for the things you are going to do: acrobat pro, omnipage pro, lightroom, photoshop..

    not to mention that the cpu is tad faster and the hd bigger.
    hopé this helps..
  2. The QM chips are quad core, while the M chip is dual core. The quads will be faster for anything multithreaded. The dual will be faster for single threaded, it will run cooler, and it will give a significantly longer battery life (especially since it is 32nm).
  3. I had the same question and

    This page shows speeds of 23, 32 and 36 for the 3 processors listed.


    Ended up getting the W510 with the 720 (32 above) for get the job done ~$1500, and an SL510 with a T4400 for $550. The SL510 has a great temperature profile - big box, not so much power.

    The W510 is a transportable desktop replacement that I can still use in meetings when there is a pressing deadline that needs horses.

    65% of the time the W510 will stay home.

    But people in meetings should not be able to resolve the difference.

    Here are two reviews - just look at the thermal pictures:




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