Computer not recognizing any hard drives including USB drives

I am trying to reinstall windows for a friend's computer but need to back up everything first.
I tried inserting multiple USB flash drives and external USB drives. No luck on different USB ports.
The computer recognized the type of flash drive and hard drives but it is not in Win Explorer.
I go to Computer Management/Disk Management - its not there.
So then I tried grabbing an old SATA internal drive I have, connected it to the computer no luck. Rebooted to make sure. It is not available. I can hear the drive running but it is not listed in Win Exp or Computer Mgmt./Disk Mgmt.

Any ideas, i just need to back some music/pictures up so I can get the reimage going.

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  1. Also wanted to add, all devices are recognized in Device Manager-Disk Drives.
    Maxtor drive (internal drive) - This device is working properly
    SanDisk USB Device - This device is working properly.
    I still can't access any drives
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