XFX HD 5850 Black Edition vs. Normal?

Is the HD 5850 Black edition worth the extra $50?
-Black Edition has core clock of 765 MHz vs. the normal 725 MHz.
-Black Edition has memory clock of 1125Mhz(4.5Gbps) vs. the normal 1000Mhz(4.0Gbps)

I just ordered one because it was the only one in stock I've been waiting close to a month. Starting to second guess my decision and lack of patience.

Edit: Also will this crossfire with a normal card down the line or will I need a second black edition?

Edit #2: It almost seems like they just added the Black edition tag and sent it out pre overclocked with the Ati utility. I'm under the impression that with the current Ati utility your limited to 775Mhz core clock and 1125Mhz memory clock.
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  1. It's good, your basically paying for the superb warranty and customer service
  2. I'm curious if you have higher rated memory chips on there, but I think there was headroom there to begin with. Enjoy your purchase !
  3. IMO it is not worth the extra 50 bucks but since they are soo rare at the moment any 5850 will do as long as you can get it in your basket and checkout....Either way you have a hell of a card....

    The normal version can clock the same as the Black Edition....Same exact GPU, one is overclocked while the other is not...
  4. Thanks for the replies. Was mainly second guessing myself because newegg has the HIS 5850 in stock right now. But my order has shipped and I don't think its refundable anyhow.

    Eh I guess I'm ok with paying $50 for the xfx lifetime warranty. instead of the HIS 2 yr warranty.

    But hey if you want a 5850 check newegg NOW.
  5. Where did you find the black XFX edition?
  6. I got it on newegg.com yesterday. It sold out pretty quick and now is a deactivated item.
  7. yup, was posted on the egg for about 30 min and then sold out.


    Never understood how an item can be posted for the first time and then diactivated in less than an hour...
  8. You can always sell it ;) , There are people who will snatch it on instant.

    And to answer your question - NO- it's not worth it

    Almost any 5850 is getting to near 900/1300. The best part is the memory - ITS ABSOLUTELY SAME as on 5870. Its just there is no any different chips at the moment so all chips used are same on all 5000 series ;)

    my 5850 (Sapphire stock) clocks to 880/1260 without any issue and I havent pushed it further :D as my power supply is turning off :D (as its 400W) I will upgrade it soon and will check its full potential
  9. Im running a XFX 5850 Black Ed and its freakin awesome. I had a XFX GTX260 Black Ed and this card is just way faster and much smoother.
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